Cases mentioned

  • Haifa Chemicals Ltd. V. Municipality of Haifa Criminal Appeal no. 2841/17
  • Kedoshim v. IDF, Class Action No. 24714-02-16

For more country specific context and relevant national climate change law see:

This country report has been produced by Robbie McAdam, C2LI Research Assistant, Humzah Khan, C2LI Senior Research Assistant and Kate McKenzie, C2LI Legal. This summary is based on Dr. Tzipi Iser Itsiq, Adv., Tzvi Levinson, Adv, “Climate Change Litigation in Israel – Trends, Prospects and Challenges” in F. Sindico and M. Moise Mbengue, Comparative Climate Change Litigation: Beyond the Usual Suspects, Springer, 2021.