Cases challenging projects with long-term implications on climate change, the environment and health have become an important part of the climate litigation landscape in Africa.  This webinar will provide timely insights into both past and current climate cases and share lessons from project-focused climate litigation in Africa. The webinar will be of interest to practitioners, researchers, policy makers, civil society members and wider climate change related stakeholders interested in better understanding developments in climate litigation. The webinar took place on 14 September 2021 and was organised in collaboration with Natural Justice and the Centre for Environmental Rights.

Chair: Francesco Sindico, C2LI Director and Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG)


  • Nicole Loser, Programme Head, Pollution & Climate Change at Centre for Environmental Rights, South Africa, “Project-based climate litigation in South Africa: EarthLife Africa Johannesburg v. Minister of Environmental Affairs & Others” (Thabametsi Coal Power case)
  • Mark Odaga, Senior Programme Manager at Natural Justice, Kenya, “Project-focused climate litigation in Kenya: Save Lamu v. National Environmental Management Authority and Amu Power Co. Ltd” (Lamu Coal Power case)
  • Pedi Obani, Assistant Professor, School of Law, Bradford University, UK, “The current landscape and recent developments on project-based climate litigation in Nigeria”