Bespoke Legal Research & Analysis

We equip organisations from the private and public sector with information about climate change law and litigation, researched, analysed and easily usable, to inform strategic decision-making. In a two-tier process, our reports are tailored to the specific questions posed by the client and context of the organisation.

We will meet with you to map your specific legal questions before delivering an initial scoping report, which will be used to determine the scope and depth of our final report to achieve the best possible practical value of our in-depth legal analysis. Our final reports feature:

– comprehensive information on general and/or sector specific climate law and litigation background in the country or on the international level;
– thorough analysis of the specific legal research question(s);
– recommendations on further actions (we do not offer legal advice)

As our legal research & analysis services are entirely bespoke, the cost of our services depends on the complexity and scope of the requested analysis. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

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